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Bring in Niles Exterminating to your residential or commercial property to deal with your termite infestation. We'll identify current termite activity and will discuss your level of infestation risk. We also handle real estate inspections, including FHA and VA.

Not all termite infestations are the same. Niles Exterminating will create a customized treatment plan for now and offer advice to reduce future problems.

Niles Exterminating has been an independent, locally owned and operated business for over 45 years.

Getting rid of your damaging termite infestation

 •  Effective results

 •  Low dose

 •  Low odor

 •  Termidor-certified

You can trust in our extermination skills. We offer a 5-year GUARANTEE on all termite work. Call us to discuss your termite concerns and find out about our competitive rates!

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Identifying your termite problem

Creating an extermination plan

Using the Termidor treatment


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