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Since 2000, over 4 million properties have been treated with Termidor. Termidor is an advanced treatment to exterminate damaging termites from residential and commercial locations.

This high-quality termiticide is among the world's most effective treatment for termite infestations. Over 15 years of test data proves Termidor's unmatched effectiveness.

Niles Exterminating offers a 5-year GUARANTEE on all termite exterminations.

Bringing the toughest treatment to unwanted termites

 •  Starts working immediately

 •  Low-dose with virtually no odor

 •  Transfer Effect - termites help pass Termidor on to their population before dying themselves


Only exterminators who have who have been Termidor-certified can apply Termidor. Niles Exterminating is your local source for the Termidor treatment. Call to learn more.

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America's #1 termite solution

An effective treatment

The benefits of Termidor

An authorized Termidor professional

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