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How much do you know about the bugs that are on your property? Niles Exterminating has outline facts about the pests that are commonly found in homes and businesses throughout the area and how to prevent an infestation.

U.S. termites build their nests underground and can reach population sizes up to 1 million! Termites cause more damage as a national average than fire. Termites cause 5 billion dollars’ worth of damage each year in the U.S. alone. Termite damage is not typically covered by most home owners insurance.

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Everything you need to know about common bugs

There are 11 species of powder post beetles in the United States. They feed on hard woods and even lay their eggs in the cracks of wood. There have been documented cases of powder post beetles destroying houses. A visible sign of active powder post beetles is a yellow powdery frass that is expelled from the wood where they are working.

Carpenter ants come in various sizes from small to large. They prefer dead, damp wood to build their nests. The black carpenter ant is the most likely species to infest a house in the United States. Ants have become the industry's #1 nuisance pest. They can find entrances into your home through cracks in your foundation, around windows, around doors that don’t seal properly and most utilities that come into your home. Caulking your home is always a good preventative measure. If your home has water leaks or roof leaks, that can become an attraction for carpenter ant activity.

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